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SPF Friday – The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received

December 5, 2008

I thought long and hard about this Assignment, the first one I have ever participated in from Random and Odd.  I considered all of the gifts I’ve received that I could remember.  Lots of options, but how do I choose one?  Then all of a sudden it dawned on me, the best gift I ever received was the gift of lifelong friendship, it’s intangible.  It’s not something that you can hold in your hand and look at…it just is.  Unconditional friendship!


So here is a picture of me and my best friend, we are the ones in the middle.  This was taken in October around our birthdays (we are 364 days apart in age) on our first ever real vacation together.   We have known each other about 30 years and have seen each other through all kinds of stuff.


Mark, Carmilla, Gina & Kammie in Cozumel

Mark, Carmilla, Gina & Kammie in Cozumel