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Sweet Sixteen

March 14, 2009


Sara on her actual birthday!

Sara on her actual birthday!

I was trying to remember recently what my sixteenth birthday was like and it must have been uneventful.  I can not remember it at all.  My oldest daughter Sara just celebrated her day with a big party at our house with a band and a cake that cost more than my wedding cake.  As this party and cake was her gift from me I actually did not mind spending the extra on it.  As birthday parties go, I think it was a big hit. 

Sara helping to set up an hour before party.

Sara helping to set up an hour before party with the cake.

Sara and Versecity (the band)

Sara and Versecity (the band)

I should say that we had only just moved into the house a whole week before and getting it ready to host a party was just about my undoing.  But with Marks help we managed to pull it off 
We only have 5 more to get through their sixteenth.  I think we can do it.  Poor Shea, his sixteenth birthday was the week before hers and he didn’t get a big sweet sixteen.  Boys are so much easier than girls.

I’m going to start offering weekend trips with Mom instead of a party.  I think it will be a lot less work for me!


I’m in L O V E

December 7, 2008

With this place!

I love to cook and entertain and I see myself spending a lot of time and way too much money exploring all the foodstuffs they have to offer.  It’s gorgeous, are you allowed to say that about a “market”?

I’m totally and completely in love, that’s the only word for it!