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I’m in L O V E

December 7, 2008

With this place!

I love to cook and entertain and I see myself spending a lot of time and way too much money exploring all the foodstuffs they have to offer.  It’s gorgeous, are you allowed to say that about a “market”?

I’m totally and completely in love, that’s the only word for it!


Country Road Take Me Home (so we are in Virginia…shoot me)

November 26, 2008

Well, maybe not home yet.

It’s 6 a.m. CST and we are driving the Blue Ridge Mountains while Mark is looking over my lap trying to read what I type.  He needs to stick to driving.

It’s a beautiful crisp morning.  We have been very fortunate with the weather.  Low overnight was down to 19 degrees.

I wish we had time to stop and take pictures but we will drive straight through on this trip.

Should be in NYC around noon or lunch.  Because I think I will not be able to talk Mark into stopping for breakfast…he’s broke out the jerky.  So far we have spent $13.00 on food in the last 18 hours.  Not bad, but it helps we brought snacks.  Of course we ate lunch so late yesterday it served as lunch/dinner or linner as we like to call it.

Didn’t see any deer in Tennessee despite my Mothers dire warnings not to hit the deer there!

We are getting closer, I just woke up so nothing exciting to talk about yet.  Will update in a bit with more exciting happenings.

Kids – We miss you!


You are a Caught Fish (Post 1 – trip to NYC)

November 25, 2008

We are on the road, have been for 2.5 hours (currently 2:30 CST) and are passing through Garrison, Texas in East Texas. 


An observation – in East Texas they love their catfish.  You can even get catfish at the gas station.  But, try to find a McDonald’s in Garrison and it’s not going to happen.


We are going to die…or starve.  The original plan (and understand it’s kind of a fly by the seat of your pants plan) was to stop in Lufkin for some food.  Fast food of course, we are trying to make NYC in about 24 hours time.  Lufkin=construction.  We didn’t stop.  Next plan Nacogdoches, we flew right by the Burger King.  I think there was a truck blocking our view and since I don’t think you cross the street on a trip like this (and certainly you don’t turn around – EVER) we are still without “real” fast food.


Not to fear, we did pack provisions.  So far of the provisions in the car tested…

  • Smoked Almonds
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Pik-Nik Shoestring Potatoes

Mark commented earlier that this will the first time we will be traveling to another state together…I guess we must do it big if we do it at all, so we are traversing many states on our way to the East Coast.  We have however been to another country, go figure!


He’s so simple

November 16, 2008


I swear I wonder why I try so hard.  He loves the simple stuff the most.  I can make a four course meal and of course he loves it, but he really becomes overjoyed over the easiest things.  I smell like garlic and onions and sausage.  I have just started some red beans in the crockpot and it made him so happy.  I wish everything in life were as simple as red beans!

Life gets so complicated so often and sometimes the joys in simplicity need to be appreciated more.  I enjoyed taking a few of the kids to see Madagascar 2 today.  The movie was good for what it was, but really it was about pleasing them and knowing they enjoyed seeing it. 

It was the brief moment in the car today with Cory and having the opportunity to speak to him as an adult rather than as my child.

I’m so stressed right this moment and I am trying very hard to stay focused on the small moments so the bigger things do not become overwhelming.

We are having red beans and rice tomorrow…simple!