The Best Laid Plans…

December 26, 2008

I was determined that for once I would be asleep by midnight on Christmas Eve.  Well that didn’t happen and I didn’t sleep well and was awake at 6:30 in the morning. 

But with that being the only exception…I had a great Christmas.  I think the whole family did. 

Everyone got a little something they wanted.  But, my favorite part was spending the whole with the family and not having the kids running in different directions.  I don’t think anything could have made the day better.

A few tidbits from the day:

Ryan loved his Happy Hooker book.

Shea put his tighty-wighties on like a kid playing Superman (he’s about to be 16)

Sara finally has her own camera and Three Jonas Brother’s Tour books.

Tesa didn’t get a dog, but did get a barking phone.

Santa brought Luke the Lego set that is no longer manufactured.

Cory hopes he’s going to A&M because of the stuff bought for him.

Erin is all accessorized with her Easy Bake oven.

Mark and I are all ready for our Cruise in February!

Hope everyone had a Wonderful Holiday!


One comment

  1. A day with the family is my favorite part of Christmas as well.

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