Trailer Trashed

November 30, 2008
Brief Synopsis: About three years ago and some change, Mark decided to move to New York.  Like all of us at one time or another we all do something that does not work out as intended.  This seemed to be an opportune time to make changes in his life.  He took his kids on a road trip to New York so he could get the pop-up camper in storage where he was going to live.  He went back a month later with a UHaul and the rest of his belongings and didn’t last a week.  He hated the J O B.  Since then gas prices have soared and timing was never right.  That was until this week.  Going to Amsterdam, NY was a great excuse to go to NYC for the holiday. 
Here is Mark inspecting the trailer, it is literally still sitting in the spot it was originally parked.  In fact it had made indention’s in the asphalt from sitting so long.  Please take note of the broken tail light above the license plate.  We think the weight of snow had caused it to come off.  The very kind woman at the storage facility had kept the lens, so all was not lost.
Pop-up Camper with broke tailight

Pop-up Camper with broke taillight

Here is my repair job, they use duct tape on the space station, it’s good enough for a trailer.  I ended up having to duct tape both light covers on.  We had to replace the light bulbs and the other cover snapped off as well.  They seem to be holding in place pretty well and it has kept us “legal” on the road.

Duct Tape Repair

Duct Tape Repair

 Here is Mark packing the bearings.  We were actually able to drive the trailer three miles into town to the auto parts store, the tires still had air in them!

Mark re-packing the bearings

Mark re-packing the bearings

It was a bit overcast while we were working on it, but overall the weather held steady.  There is an old barn in the far back and an old house in the foreground.  We are in the auto part store parking lot and there is a Wal-mart next to the old barn.  Below Mark is continuing checking things out in preparation prior to putting the new tire on.

Mark Changing the Tire

Mark Changing the Tire

It’s now 11:40 CST on Sunday and we are just West of New Orleans on our way home.  The trailer has made the trip like a trooper and seems to be in very good shape considering.  We took a quick peek inside without opening the top and aside from a few cobwebs it seems to be OK.  I didn’t smell any musty smells.  The only external signs that it sat for so long was a bit of algae growing and that will come right off.  Can’t wait to start the family camping trips…hopefully the big one will be next summer and the Grand Canyon!


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