November 26, 2008

It’s time for my annual thankful post (usually found on myspace).  If you are not one of my family, this won’t interest you at all, so feel free to skip reading.


Mark – I’m thankful for many things.  First he puts up with all of my quirkiness and I have a lot of quirks.  I’m most appreciative that last year about this time he asked me to be his wife and lifelong partner in crime.  It was a tough road to that point but so worth it.  We have a beautiful family that we otherwise would not have.  He is very good to me and my children and it’s nice to be able to trust your husband with help in raising the kids.  It’s great that he gets along with their Dad so there is no animosity between “Dads”.  It’s also nice that he doesn’t treat my children different than his own.  It has been a relatively easy transition into a family and it could not have happened without his willingness for us to truly be a family.


Cory – My oldest, I still can’t believe I have an adult child.  I mean how the heck does that happen?  Cory is a great role model, both at home and at school.  I wish you all could have been there during his Cross Country banquet a few weeks ago and have the opportunity to hear the things we as parents were blessed to hear. He is certainly someone to look up to and I hope all of the kids do and if they don’t, I hope that as they mature they will come to see he is someone to emulate.  Academically he is excelling and will be heading off to University next fall.  He is also an officer with our local Toast Masters organization.  He makes me very proud to be his Mom.


Shea – His friends are now calling him Chris, that’s always strange for me, because I still see him as Shea.  He is so dedicated to ROTC and doing the best he can for the program.  That takes discipline and even if he’s not disciplined in all aspects of life YET, it shows me that he is more than capable.  He has a bright future ahead no matter how he chooses to move forward, be it militarily or through college.  I think sometimes he wants us to recognize the responsibility he carries as the oldest child in his branch.  I wish we could take some of the responsibilities away, but I know that he will look back someday and realize how it has shaped him and probably in the best ways.


Sara – It will not surprise me if Sara grows up to be a Music Producer.  She already knows more about modern/local music than I will ever know.  She’s always out their promoting local Houston bands. She has such a great sense of self; I just hope she will always have that.  She needs to learn not to let others get to her, especially other girls.  Life will go on beyond those High School years and someday she will have her best friend who will treat her the way she deserves.  It’s so hard being a confident girl, but I wouldn’t want her to be anything but confident and self-assured.


Ryan – The ultimate middle child, he is a true peacekeeper, or at least tries to be.  You try to keep peace among seven siblings!  He has his blackbelt and has taken that athletic ability and perseverance and moved it to football.  I can’t wait to see him playing High School football next year.  I think sometimes he puts too much pressure on himself to be better, but he is more than good enough for our family and he’ll be the glue that always keeps everyone together.


Tesa – My one true blonde child, only she’s not a blonde in the joke sense.  She’s so intelligent and impresses me with just what she knows.  She has a lot to teach the younger kids. My hope for her is that she will look inside herself more and realize just how beautiful and smart she is.  She really does not need to compare herself to anyone else because she is unique and will be just Tesa and just Tesa is exactly who she should be.  She is easy to love and will someday learn to love just as easily.  And did I mention she’s so smart!


Erin – She’s becoming a young woman.  She’s hit the “tween” stage and is beginning to mature.  She has some more work ahead of her, but I have no doubt she will blossom in the years to come.  She has started to overcome some of her “bad” habits and that makes it so much easier to see the real Erin emerging.  She is going to be fiercely independent; I have no doubt about that.  Erin has a great sense of self and I don’t see her letting go of that.  Someday she is going to be calling the shots, be it in an organization or just at home.


Luke – My baby, only I’m not supposed to call him that anymore.  Luke is a true friend; he only has a few friends at this point in his life.  But it’s not because he couldn’t have more friends, he’s just picky.  He picks other kids who want to be friends for the right reasons and that’s something to admire in someone who is only just eight.  I overheard his brother talking to him about one of his better friends at school and how he could not go outside to recess because of his disability.  Well many times he offered to stay indoors and work on puzzles and such with him instead of being outside roughhousing and he loves to roughhouse.  This is something I know because of a conversation I overheard in the car last week, not because he has bragged about it.  He is a true friend and I think anyone will be lucky to have him for a friend.  He’s also a great son!


Gina – My best friend in the entire world.  We have known each other so long now; sometimes it’s hard to separate our lives because they are intertwined.  Unfortunately distance keeps us apart a lot.  Having the same cell service keeps us connected daily.  She has been through a kind of hell this year within her own family and I watched in awe as she took control of the situation and made it as positive as it could possibly be.  I’m not sure if I would have had the same strength to do what she did.  She also stood by my rougher patches and my more celebratory ones.  I love her dearly, just wish we lived closer.


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