1.5 hours till NYC

November 26, 2008

We are coming up on Allentown, PA.  Stopped to get gas and they didn’t have Tastykakes, what’s up with that?

Mark slept through a good portion of Virginia, all of the bit of West Virginia and Maryland we went through.  Oh yeah, Virginia, they are out to get people today.  I had taken over driving and had been behind the wheel for three (yes that’s 3) minutes when I was pulled over.  I was going a wee bit fast, but afterwards I counted 10 others pulled over by marked and unmarked cars.  That averages one person per 20 miles.  The guy that pulled me over was so green.  He wanted to debate what a Registration in the State of Texas looks like and then it took him 15 minutes to write my ticket.  I watched in my mirror…he pulled his handbook from the backseat! ARGH!  Oh well..it happens.

I have seen only one dead deer and that was Maryland, not Tenn. 

It’s overcast and kind of gloomy, but there were some light snowflakes hitting the windshield for a bit.

I’m looking forward to getting in the City and having a shower.

My Thankful post will be coming up shortly…working on that in Word as we speak.


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